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Riello Power India Pvt. Ltd. is 100% subsidiary of RPS S.p.A, Italy which is headquartered at Legnago, Italy; with R&D and manufacturing facilities in Legnago & Cormano in Italy and Manesar, Gurugram (Haryana) in India.

We specialize in manufacturing comprehensive range of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), from 6 kVA to 6400 kVA for wide range of applications across various industries for Riello Online UPS.

Transformer based UPS  |  Transformer less UPS  | Modular UPS

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    Product Range

    Riello Power India offers a comprehensive range of UPS Systems, ranging from 6 KVA to 6400 KVA and we specialize in delivering the most appropriate UPS solution tailored to your specific application needs. 40 kVA UPS, 60 kVA UPS, 80 kVA UPS, 100 kVA UPS, 200 kVA UPS, 400 kVA UPS, 500 kVA UPS, 600 kVA Online UPS 

    Transformer Based UPS

    The Riello transformer-based UPS covers a range from 100 to 800 kVA, making it the optimal choice for installations that demand superior energy efficiency and uninterrupted power supply. These UPS systems is based on cutting-edge IGBT-based rectifier technology and ensure galvanic isolation with an inverter output transformer. The rugged and robust Riello transformer-based UPS units are ideally suited for a wide spectrum of industrial applications across diverse industries.

    Master HP

    Master HP

    MHT Series


    100 kVA- 600 kVA

    3 Phase

    Master HE

    Master HE

    MHE Series


    100 kVA – 800 kVA
    3 Phase

    Master MPS-01

    Master MPS

    MPT Series


    10 kVA – 200 kVA
    3 Phase

    Master FC400

    Master Industrial

    Range: 30 kVA – 80 kVA
    Single Phase

    Master FC400

    Master FC400


    30 kVA – 125 kVA
    3 Phase

    Transformer Less UPS

    The transformer less UPS, available in capacities ranging from 10 kVA to 800 kVA, stands out for its lightweight design, easy installation, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. These UPS systems are particularly well-suited for substantial, energy-efficient setups where limited downtime is permissible in specific scenarios, and where a transformer is already integrated elsewhere within the electrical pathway.

    Riello UPS 6kVA to 6400kVA Online UPS 100 KVA, 200 KVA, 400 KVA, 60 KVA



    10 kVA-20 kVA single phase

    10 kVA – 120 kVA 3 phase

    Riello UPS 6kVA to 6400kVA Online UPS 100 KVA, 200 KVA, 400 KVA, 60 KVA

    Multi Sentry



    60 kVA – 200 kVA
    3 Phase

    Riello UPS 6kVA to 6400kVA Online UPS 100 KVA, 200 KVA, 400 KVA, 60 KVA

    Next Energy



    250kVA – 800 kVA
    3 Phase

    Riello UPS 6kVA to 6400kVA Online UPS

    Sentinel Tower

    Range: 6 kVA – 10 kVA
    Single Phase

    Modular UPS

    Riello Modular UPS systems are three-phase uninterruptible power supplies characterized by a modular architecture. It is transformer less technologies that deliver exceptional high efficiency up to 98.1% (in online double conversion mode), and high power density in a compact footprint. Modularity reduces the risk of wasteful oversizing at installation, while offering “pay as you grow” scalability when it’s time to expand, optimizing initial investment and total cost of ownership (TCO). Riello Modular UPS are smart, scalable and sustainable which not only deliver exceptional overall performance but also efficiently safeguard the power supply for critical applications.

    Multi Power

    Multi Power

    MPW / MPX


    45 kVA- 294 kVA
    3 Phase

    Riello UPS 6kVA to 6400kVA

    Multi Power 2


    500 kVA – 1600 kVA
    3 Phase

    Riello UPS 6kVA to 6400kVA HPM



    15 kVA – 1500 kVA
    3 Phase


    Riello Power India specialize in delivering the best-suited UPS solution tailored to your specific application needs. Whether you require UPS solutions for industrial applications, medical facilities, transportation systems, industrial machineries, or expensive hyperscale data centers, each application domain has distinct demands that necessitate tailored UPS solutions with precise characteristics. With an extensive range of products, Riello UPS consistently delivers the optimal solution for every application. Riello UPS 6kVA to 6400kVA

    Datacenter / IT
    • Data Centers
    • IT rooms
    • Computer rooms
    • Server rooms
    • Datacenters of Banks
    • Datacenters of insurance Companies
    Riello Online UPS for Automobile industry
    • Packaging machine
    • Printing machine
    • Conveying machine
    • Rotogravure printing machine
    • Extrusion lamination machine
    • Label printing machine
    • Mixing machine
    Riello Online UPS for Transport Industry
    • Airports
    • Toll gates
    • Marines
    • Railways
    • Metros
    Riello Online UPS for Hospital
    • Auxiliary Power supply systems
    • Operation theaters
    • Hospital IT services
    • Critical laboratories
    • Patient care equipment’s
    • MRI Machines
    • Hospitals
    • Railway stations
    • Stadiums and sports centres
    • Shopping centres
    • Schools
    • Public buildings

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